Support for the establishment of international ties by civil society in relation to democracy

To bolster the international project capabilities of civil society in/out of Korea and strengthen its network with international & domestic groups that carry out international projects related to democracy, KDF conducted projects that involved supporting civil society in establishing international ties in relation to democracy. By providing partial financial support, PR support and other supports requested, KDF aimed to further strengthen ties with the different groups and share the outcome of the projects. The KDF had cooperated the projects that conform to KDF's basic principles and KDF's international exchange and cooperation direction and that contribute greatly to the development of international democracy. Here are the programs;

  • Publications: A Single Spark-a critical biography of Jeon Tae-il(in Mongolia, Indonesia, Thailand and China), Korean Poems of Resistance(in Mongolia, 2007)
  • Education or Training: The Burmese Community Organizing Training Camp(in Mae Sod, 2007~2008), Global Citizenship Course(in Korea, 2008~2009, 2011), Education for understanding global governance and international solidarity(in Korea, 2011~2012),
  • Events: The Asia Civil Society Forum for Democracy(in Mongolia, 2006), Commemorative Event for 8888 People's Movement of Burma(in Korea, 2006~2007), The Six-Party Talks of North East Asia Women(in Korea, 2008), The 3rd World Forum for Democratization in Asia(in Korea, 2009), International Workshop on Race and Hegemony in Asia(in Korea, 2009)
In the future, KDF will expand the efforts to promote pro-democracy organizations in international society and to support their work.