Foundations of Democracy Series –---- Books for Teaching Justice, Responsibility, Authority, and Privacy Completed

The full Foundations of Democracy series, one of the civic education programs revised and developed under a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by KDF and the Center for Civic Education (CCE) in the US, has been completed and published. Through research and planning over several years, teachers in the field developed this series by taking the CCE program and customizing it to fit the local circumstances in Korea so that teens can learn about democracy, justice, and sense of responsibility in a fun way. Teachers who have thought about and wrestled with civic education in the schools for many years, together with KDF, revised and edited the series to fit the circumstances of Korean students while focusing on such issues as what should be approached critically with a critical awareness and what should be accepted and protected as cherished values. The final set, Democracy for Teens: Justice, Responsibility, Authority, and Privacy, is the fruit of their efforts. This series is composed so teachers and students can discuss it in a group or students can read it individually and organize their thoughts on their own. The publication of the entire 12 volumes for primary, middle, and high school students was completed this year.


- For Primary School Students

1. The Apostle of Justice has Come

2. You Think You Know Responsibility?

3. Ahem! Story of Authority

4. Hush! Story of Privacy

Introduction: Sonogong, Patjui, and Bangja set out to find the Keys of Justice, Responsibility, Authority, and Privacy in order to restore world peace. Anecdotes and food for thought related to the experiences of students at school or home are presented at the back of the stories so that they can understand problems and arrive at solutions by thinking and acting on their own.


- For Middle School Students

1. Becoming a Just Citizen

2. A Person Responsible for Happiness

3. The Teens, Authority is My Power!

4. The Teens, Privacy is My Treasure!

Introduction: These volumes help students to think about real issues related to each topic, expand their scope of thinking, hold proper outlook in viewing the world, and study examples of history, politics, and culture with more in-depth details. Through examples of the past and present, in Korea and foreign countries, including historical figures such as Jeong Yak-yong and Jo Bong-am, from the Oath of Hippocrates in antiquity to the 2011 Arab revolution, social network and issuance of electronic passports, to expand on the issues of values, these teaching books can help develop the ability to think broadly about democracy.


- For High School Students

1. Justice, Problem of Fairness

2. Responsibility, Things to Do as a Citizen

3. Authority, Power Shared and Developed Together

4. Privacy, My Secret My Freedom