24th Anniversary Commemoration of the June 10th Democratic Uprising

In commemoration of the 24th anniversary of the June 10th Democratic Uprising, KDF held events that brought the legend of the 1980s to the streets of 2011. From June 10, starting with the commemoration ceremony of the June 10th Democratic Uprising, to the next evening on June 11, various programs for citizen participation and enjoyment were held in Seoul, at the front of the KDF office in Jeongdong, the Deoksugung Doldamgil, and the Seoul Plaza, and in 13 regions around the nation.  

The “24th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony of the June 10th Democratic Uprising” conducted by KDF and the government opened with the report of the proceedings and President Lee Myung-bak’s commemoration address. This was followed by the Address to the People (by KDF president) and the Daegyo Children’s TV Chorus performance and singing. Over 500 people attended the ceremony. Among the attendees were Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik, various representatives of political parties and politicians, and democracy movement figures such as Baek Nak-cheong and Lee Bu-yeong, as well as Park Jong-gi (Park Jong-cheol’s father), Bae Eun-sim (Lee Han-yeol’s mother), and other family members of those who perished in the struggle for democracy. In his Address to the People, the KDF President Chung Sunghun discussed the current significance of the June 10th Democracy Uprising in light of the ecological environment that has put life in peril, the rapidly changing political situation in East Asia and the conflict between South and North Korea, as well as the growing internal conflict from increased social polarization and the measures proposed to achieve national unity.

The participatory programs that took place subsequently along the Deoksugung Doldamgil involved a healing yard, a co-op yard, and a 60-piece orchestra performance. In the healing yard, set up for people in the modern world who are proud of achieving democracy and industrialization but live with a body and mind produced in a diseased environment and society, the Life Health Committee of the Korea DMZ-Peace Valley, Gilbeot (The Oriental Medicine Treatment Group in Support of the People), and the Human Rights Medicine Research Center provided health treatment and consultation and designed plans for living without becoming ill. In the co-op yard, each organization went beyond simply selling organic foods and provided a space to discuss the possibility of realizing the dream of providing a healthy life for each member of society.

In the evening, the June 10th Civic Concert was held in the courtyard of the KDF office (Baeje Jeongdong Building) near the Seoul Anglican Church in Jeongdong with the 60-piece Central Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus playing classical music and singing Korean lyric and folk songs.

On June 11 the following day, a democracy walk was held in tribute to the martyrs Park Jong-cheol and Lee Han-yeol who perished during the course of the June 10th Democratic Uprising. The participants started out from the old Namyeongdong Anti-communist Investigation Office (front of the Subway Line 1 Namyeong Station) and the Yonsei University front gate and came together at the Seoul Plaza for a gathering. KDF broadcasted the entire event through online media, enabling the citizens who could not participate directly to think about the significance of the June 10th Democratic Uprising via online and to enjoy the programs.