2012 Spring Issue of Democracy Quarterly Published

   The 2012 spring issue of our magazine, Democracy Quarterly, has been published. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the June 10 Democratic Uprising, this spring issue has a special feature, 25 Years of Democratization, Pending Issues and Alternatives for Procedural Democracy. Comprised of three articles, the special feature examines three aspects related to procedural democracy: electoral system, party system and state power.

   In the article Electoral System Evaluation and Reform Tasks, Professor Kim Yong-bok of Kyungnam University provides an analysis of and improvement measures for the political problems created by the current electoral system and the electoral system-related issues that have recurred in recent years.

   In 25 Years of Democratization, Evaluation of Korean Party System and Reform Tasks, Kim Yun-cheol, Humanitas College Professor of Kyunghee University, goes beyond the existing party politics evaluation based on party-related “system” and makes an evaluation based on “political efficacy” and draws out reform tasks for the future.

   Professor Jeong Hae-gu of Sungkonghoe University dissects in 25 Years of Democratization, Problems of State Power and Their Alternatives, as problems of state power, the presidential power that revealed the problem of arbitrary power use and the power of the public prosecutors and the judicial branch entangled in the problem of power abuse.

   Additionally, in the Focus section, with the article The Election Law that Shuts Up the Voter’s Mouth and Covers the Voter’s Eyes and Ears, Professor Jeong Tae-ho of Kyunghee University examines through various examples the problems related to the crimes of imparting false information and candidate libel, as well as the problems associated with the election law.

   In the World Democracy section, Jang Jun-yeong, a researcher at the Center for Southeast-Asian Studies of the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, examines in the article Is Myanmar’s Democracy Possible? the significance of Myanmar’s reform and opening policy and predicts a new age of politics in Myanmar based on an analysis of the military junta, Aung San Suu Kyi and the 88 Generation.

   An article on the recent Syrian situation by the Japanese international affairs commentator Tanaka Sakai, Fight Surrounding the Overthrow of the Syrian Government was a Fight of Iran against the US and NATO was translated and presented in the Reading Together section.