A Chronicle of the Post-April Revolution Democratization Movement Published

   As a follow-up to the publication of An Anthology of the April Revolution Historical Documents published in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the April Revolution in 2010, KDF published A Chronicle of the Post-April Revolution Democratization Movement.

   The time covered by this chronicle is a period of one year, from the stepping down of Syngman Rhee on April 26, 1960 following the April Revolution to May 16, 1961, the day of Park Chung Hee’s military coup. This period was a time of “the greatest freedom” since the founding of the Republic of Korea. Although it ended with a military coup and continued into a long period of darkness, the cornerstone for Korean people’s strong aspiration for a democratic society and untiring will to go forward was set during this time. In that sense, the work of examining and putting this period in order, which had not received much attention until our April Revolution anthology and chronicle, is very meaningful and important.

   The chronicle was written based on analysis of diverse documents, including the various national newspapers (Chosun, Dong-A, ect.) and regional newspapers (Yeongnam-Ilbo, Jeonnam-Ilbo, etc.), university newspapers, periodicals and books, National Assembly stenographic records, and The History of Korean Military Revolution by the Korean Military Revolution History Compilation Committee, which were published at the time. Research papers and academic journals covering this period and the related topics were also used as references.

   As a two-volume set, the chronicle was distributed free of charge to national public libraries, city and province public libraries, as well as university libraries and history departments.