“Breathe-Free Classroom, Hope-Sprouting School” Teacher Training Program Held

  The “Breathe-Free Classroom, Hope-Sprouting School” Teacher Training Program was held during July 26 to 27. The Vice President of KDF Young-Rae You attended this training program, which was participated by 25 elementary, middle and high school teachers, and encouraged the participants and the staff in charge.

  The lectures “Opening the Heart,” “Democratic Civic Education, Education for Living,” and “Finding a Vision that Guides Practice” were given on the first day, and these were followed on the second day with “The ABCs of Democratic Civic Education within Our Grasp” and “Reliable Recharging of Energy to be Extracted for Use in the Field.”

  There were some teachers who participated in this program because they had good memories of the training program on modern history held last April. Some teachers participated to support the programs run by KDF because of their sense of indebtedness to those who struggled in the democratization movement. The 25 teachers who quickly became close through the exercise of “opening their hearts” and completed the 15 hours of program over two days concluded the training by promising to continue the valuable relationships established through this program.