2012 Summer Research Conference of the Council of Democracy Research Institutes Held

  The “2012 Summer Research Conference of the Council of Democracy Research Institutes” was held from July 19 to 20. Founded in 2003 by institutes engaged in democracy research nationwide, the council has shared each member institute’s research work and jointly held an academic conference every year.

  This summer research conference was on the topic of “Sorting the History of Regional Democratization Movements in Order: How Will It Be Done?” About 20 people from organizations such as the KDF Institute for Korean Democracy, the Institute for Research in Collaborationist Activities, the Busan Democratic Society Research Institute and the Jeju 4.3 Research Institute participated in the conference.
  The senior researcher Ho-Ryong Lee of the KDF Institute for Korean Democracy discussed how the basic research work carried out since 2002 on regional democracy movement groups and incidents made it possible for KDF to publish the volumes 1~3 of Democratization Movement History. Lee also introduced the History of Choongbuk Democratization Movement published last year and the Jeonbuk and Jeju region democratization movement histories currently being prepared for publication and reported on the progress and difficulties of the work involved.
  Aside from the topic of putting the history of regional movements in order, the conference also made time to review the results and limitations of the activities of the First Term Truth and Reconciliation Commission and to discuss plans for improvement with respect to the activities of the commission in the second term. The participants engaged in an in-depth discussion of how the commission can improve its work in the future.