2012 Summer Issues of Democracy Quarterly and the Academic Journal Remembrance and Outlook Published

   KDF published the 2012 summer issue (Issue 4) of the magazine Democracy Quarterly. This issue focuses on the theme of economic democratization and chaebol reform, and seeks to find a new path to chaebol reform through a micro approach of severing the ties between chaebol and the media, amending the fair trade law, and improving the relationship between large corporations and small-medium businesses. Wi Pyeong-ryang of the Economic Research Reform Institute examines in particular the world capitalism trends and the history of Korean economy - especially the history of chaebol development, and reviews within that historical context how the regulation and anti-monopoly laws with respect to the chaebol have changed. In the featured article on the 2012 Republic of Korea People’s Assembly, the British Columbia Citizens Assembly in Canada was introduced as a reference example to explain the Korean assembly’s operation. In the World Democracy section, Hankoyreh Newspaper’s Beijing correspondent Park Min-hui discusses the situation in China after the Tiananmen Square protests and the changes emerging now among the Chinese workers and farmers as demonstrated by Honda factory strikes and Wukan village protests.

   The KDF Institute for Korean Democracy published the academic journal Remembrance and Outlook, Issue 26. The feature article in this issue, “Consideration of Democracy Movement Organizations from a Politico-Sociological Perspective,” examines the relationship of People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union, and civil society movements with political parties. The special article, New Trends of Democracy, discusses the accomplishments and limitations of the local currency movement that has emerged as a new alternative movement, and also talks about the quota system for women politicians, as well as the relationship between online community and social movements. In addition, this issue includes a paper on the important movements and events in contemporary Korean history.