BTS fans learn about Gwangju Democratization Movement through lyrics

“If you listen to ‘Ma City’ by BTS, you will hear J-Hope rapping ‘Press 062-518, everyone.’ 062 is the area code of Gwangju and 518 is referring to Gwangju Uprising happened [sic] on May 18.”

This message was posted on a blog by a user identifying themselves as a member of the BTS “Army” (fan club). It was published in May 2018 by @BTSARMY_Salon, a Twitter user who posts English translations of BTS song lyrics and related articles. Describing the May 18 Democratization Movement on 1980 in the post, the user wrote, “On May 18-23 of 1980, hundreds of innocent citizens in Gwangju shedded their bloods [sic] while fighting for democracy. During this period, Gwangju citizens were demonstrating against the Chun Doo-hwan government.”

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