[News on the Korean Democracy ] Panel discussion commemorating the 5th anniversary of the late Lee So-sun

Chun Taeil is the icon of the labor workers’ human rights movement in Korea. Back in 1970, he was working at the clothes manufacturing plant and burned himself to death in protest against low income and inhumane working environment for the labor workers who could not be protected by the Labor Standards Act. The late Lee So-sun is his mother and dedicated her life to labor movement, honoring the will and life of her deceased son. On August 30, a penal discussion was organized by Chuntaeil Foundation, Korea Labor & Society Institute and Youth Community Union on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of her death.

Presenters at the discussion session talked about labor movement in Korea and unfair treatment of irregular workers, and discussed solutions. They reaffirmed the collaboration among workers holds a key to the future of the movement of labor unions and honored the spirit of the late Lee So-sun who always called for the unity of workers.