[Major International News & Event] Media of Direct Democracy, People2power.info

Bruno Kaufmann, a journalist and international direct democracy activist of IRI Europe (Initiative & Referendum Institute Europe) opened the website, “people2power.info.” People2power is designed to be a new media of direct democracy to connect direct democracy groups and activists across the world and post and share interesting stories, research results, articles and commentaries about direct democracy. Bruno Kaufmann, a Swiss and Swedish national, founded IRI Europe to promote direct democracy in Europe. Since 2008, he has been leading GFMDD (Global Forum for Direct Democracy) as a co-chair. KDF co-held the 2nd GFMDD in Seoul, 2009. Also he has been working as a partner since the early days of KDF’s international program, publishing the guide book for direct democracy under the title of “An Invitation to Direct Democracy” jointly with KDF.