2015 Seoul Democracy Forum (SDF)

2015 Seoul Democracy Forum
The Reflection on democracy in Asia Democracy – Crisis or New Trajectory

Date I October 21st-22nd,2015
Venue I National Assembly Library Grand Auditorium, Kensington Hotel
Host  I Korea Democracy Foundation
Sponsor  I Security and Public Administration
Committee / Ministry of the Interior
Session Partners  I
CADI Consortium for Asia Democracy Index,
The Institute for Korean Historical Studies Sogang Universíty Instítute of Social Science.
Energy and Climate Policy Institute,
Seoul Community Support Center​


2015 서울민주주의포럼 : 아시아 민주주의 진단 – 위기인가, 전환인가

일시: 2015. 10.21.(수)~22.(목)
장소: 국회도서관 대강당, 켄싱턴호텔
주최: 민주화운동기념사업회
후원: 행정자치부, 안전행정위원회

Korea Democracy Foundation